Track15 understands that selecting the right partners can determine your future success. We want to listen to your story, bond to your uniqueness, and commit to providing you with exactly what you need.


Andrew Snow

Having a penchant for out-of-the-box thinking, Andrew spent his career testing and perfecting ways to buck conventional wisdom – redesigning traditional events, parties, and any rulebook he opened. He made a name for himself by making impossible innovations work, and with 16 years of non-profit experience, he is up to any task.


Chris Shultz

With 18 years of corporate bank experience at J.P. Morgan Chase, Chris went out on his own in 2005 to start an online banking company. The company sold in 2016, and Chris started a venture capital fund to help start up companies in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. His for-profit business acumen works well in the non-profit sector.


Hannah Lundeen

Hannah's experience with large nonprofits has given her the know-how to recognize gaps in operational strategies and identify tools and processes needed for a business to get on the right track. She has worked as a project manager in the public policy sector and was a key player on many successful health policy campaigns in DFW.


Julie Griffith

Julie is a natural fundraiser. She served as a key relationship manager with portfolios at SMU, UTEP, and a variety of nonprofit organizations in Dallas. She understands it takes patience to fundraise, time, and a desire to align a donor with their particular affinity to an organization. She values data tracking as the most important activity that can determine successful fundraising.


Joel Rothermel

Having worked with nonprofits of all sizes, Joel has gained the know-how to recognize opportunities in fundraising and data strategy. He has worked as a project manager for IT implementations, on strategic planning in IT, in nonprofit operations, and in fundraising strategy. Joel is also a Salesforce Certified Administrator.


Martina Fundaro

Martina has an extraordinary background in global business. A communications expert through her work with the European Union and experience here in the States, Martina is an accomplished fundraising event director and strategist. She understands client/donor relationships and how to create events with impact.


Miya King

As a copywriter, editor and marketing strategist, Miya has explored industries ranging from architecture and telecommunications to higher education. As lead proposal developer for SMU, she guided her team on a $1 billion campaign. Miya spent the last four years serving nonprofits through The Budd Center, which paved the way for collective impact to transform West Dallas.

Katie Kelton

As a writer and storyteller, Katie works at the intersection of
nonprofits and communications. With an understanding of the symbiotic relationship between storytelling, outcome data, and fundraising, she has implemented communications strategies for a myriad of causes, from global clean-water solutions to local community development and youth
mentoring efforts.