We hear time and again that if you’re not a nonprofit saving cute animals you will perform poorly during North Texas Giving Day (NTGD). On one hand, nonprofits can have a hard time standing out during NTGD because of the sheer volume of participants. On the other hand, not participating in NTGD can reflect poorly on the nonprofit. This doomed if you do, doomed if you don’t mindset is precisely what we try to get our clients to reconsider. At Track15 we know that you don’t have to be a nonprofit saving puppies to make an impact and we also know that NTGD can be a wonderful platform to not just raise money but to raise awareness about your mission and about who you are as a nonprofit. We took this approach for the North Texas Alliance to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Teens (Ntarupt).

Organization Goal

1.    Create a stand-out email campaign

2.    Raise awareness. Not just on the issue of unintended teen pregnancy in Dallas but also on the work of Ntarupt

3.    Raise $30,000 and increase email and social media engagement

 Track15’s Strategy

1.    Email Campaign - We took this - you can only raise money if you’re saving cute animals - idea and ran with it! You can see on the images below just how we did this. Using eye-catching images and clever headers increased engagement. Providing statistics on teen pregnancy allowed their audience to tie their gift to a “need” while also providing context as to what Ntarupt actually strives to improve.

2.    Social Media Campaign - The same images and approach used for the emails  was also used for social media. We paid for “boosts” for the Facebook posts to reach a wider audience.

3.    Watch Party - This will be Ntarupt’s first NTGD watch party. Our goal for this party was to give Ntarupt an opportunity to show a side of their personality that donors and supported don’t typically see. They had fun games, trivia, and a signature cocktails. All this combined helped make for a fun night and memorable evening that supporters are sure to remember.


Opportunities for Improvement