Brother Bill’s Helping Hand 2019 Summer Campaign


Brother Bill’s Helping Hand raises money each summer to provide out-of-school neighbors with healthy meals, physical activity and spiritual guidance. Donors have historically responded to a simple postcard.

Campaign Goal

Brother Bill’s set a goal to raise $30,000 in 30 days from all of their contacts.

 Track15’s Strategy

We identified three areas for improvement. Sending a letter, a giving slip, and a return envelop would cost approximately the same as a postcard and would theoretically convey a greater value proposition to the prospect and therefor elicit a larger-than-usual gift. We integrated emails and Facebook posts to raise the frequency of awareness of the campaign while also giving prospects more chances to respond. Finally, we created a giving ladder to show prospects how their gifts may be used.  


Brother Bill’s exceeded their goal raising over $39,500, approximately $12,000 more than the previous year! Their return on investment increased to $7 raised for every $1 spent versus the previous year’s ROI of 5:1 and the average gift was approximately $200 greater than the previous year.

Opportunities for Improvement

The number of donors increased by one over the previous year. In looking at open, click, and conversion rates, opportunities to improve “the ask” exist.  Given the fact that this campaign took place in July, we may also recommend moving an earlier date